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About RSVP Style

With the collaboration of innovative and unique styles, sister team, Stephanie Bedrosian and Gina Jelladian have been redefining social printing for over ten years.  Since 2003, their niche boutique market has developed and expanded beyond creating invitations for weddings and other fabulous celebrations; they have become a resource for providing references and ideas for every aspect of special event planning with sister store, Stems at The Palatine.  Through their association with the metropolitan boutique shopping centre, The Palatine Building, they have also developed a product line that has become known and loved California.  Stephanie and Gina are “Lovers of all things Luxury” and their companies exude elegance with every product they offer.

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About RSVP

RSVP opened in 2003 with a vision of creating fabulous invitations for every occasion. Since then, RSVP has expanded into fine invitation & gift boutique; a destination for finding one-of-a-kind gifts and celebrating in style - from sending the finest invitations, to decorating the most glamorous and exciting celebrations in the Central Valley and beyond.

With innovative and unique styles, sister team, Stephanie Bedrosian and Gina Jelladian, have been redefining social printing for over 10 years.  Together with the RSVP team, they work personally with you to create your perfect invitation, offering endless possibilities in design. Each invitation is created as if it is the only, showcasing the flawless handwork of their  assembly.Shop their unique collections today & indulge, delight & enjoy all that they have to offer!

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About The Palatine Building

The Palatine Building is a metropolitan boutique shopping and bridal center, in addition to a venue everyone can enjoy. Each suite brings Fresno a touch of elegance, luxury and style. Designed, engineered and built by the family architect and contractors, the building is constructed of nothing but the finest materials, from copper roof embellishments to solid mahogany doors with slate and marble interiors. The structure itself is one of a kind and worthy of a visit for pure visual enjoyment.

The Palatine is a designer building that houses true designers.  Predominantly woman owned and run companies, all strive to create a unique and luxurious atmosphere for all to indulge in.  Whether you need to pop in to grab a quick gift, enjoy a glass of fine wine or find the perfect engagement ring, we are at your complete service.

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