The Best and Worst Places to Store Your Engagement Ring!

Most people never want to take off their wedding rings in the fear of losing it, but wearing it at all times could actually be a little risky. When handling household chemicals and doing everyday activities like cleaning, applying lotion and even sleeping, you are putting your ring at risk of damage. It can damage the stone and metal, loosen the diamond and cause the stone to fall out.

Here is a list of times you should take your ring off:

  1. when you're cleaning
  2. doing the dishes
  3. playing sports
  4. swimming
  5. working out
  6. applying hairspray
  7. applying lotion
  8. when you're sleeping - experts say that the weight from your body against your hand can reshape your ring over time, which could loosen the stone. Scary right?! 

So what do you do with your ring when you take that beauty off? Put it in a ring tray? On your dresser? Both are better than leaving it on, but here are the best and worst places to store your ring:


  1. An individual fabric pouch
    The softer the better! Opt for silk, velvet, or cotton so the diamond doesn't get scratched. Keep in mind that coming into contact with other rings or jewelry could cause damage. 
  2. A fabric lined jewelry case
    Your diamond is a diva! It's better if it has a separate compartment for your ring alone.
  3. It's original box
    Why not keep it in the original box it came in? It's a perfect memento for your proposal.
  4. The kitchen drawer
    The window sill or kitchen counter may seem convenient when you're washing dishes or cooking, but place your ring inside the kitchen drawer instead. Just don't forget it's there!
  5. A memorable place
    Don't go putting your ring anywhere you may not remember! You want it out of sight, but not out of mind. 


  1. A locker at the gym, or any other public place!
    You don't want to be a victim of theft so, it might be best to just leave your ring at home in these circumstances. 
  2. The kitchen sink
    No one wants to have to call a plumber, or maybe you do? 
  3. The counter or a windowsill
    Your ring can fall which can cause damage or the stone to become loose & fall out. Ouch! 
  4. Wrapped in a tissue or in your pocket
    You don't want someone mistaking your ring wrapped in tissue for trash! Have you forgot something was in your pocket and accidentally put it through the wash? Well, the same thing can happen with putting your ring in your pocket. It can fall out while taking other things out of your pocket as well! 

- Tips courtesy of Gianni Fine Jewelers ๐Ÿ’