Holiday at the Palatine

An elegant holiday party was hosted on the second floor of the Palatine building in Fresno, California. Stems at The Palatine put together this intimate gathering for a local dermatology office here in Fresno. The venue at The Palatine building is the perfect choice for a small, intimate gathering of any occasion and any style. Guests were able to enjoy each others company while drinking champagne and wine through out the night. 

The offee and cocktail tables were draped in black textured linens and gold sequin runners. There were decorated with custom florals by Stems, white rose petals, votive candles, and tied with gold sequin linens. The party was lit with chandeliers and hanging crystals to mimic icicles during the winter season!


Floral arrangements had a holiday feel to them with their white, gold, and green color scheme and were placed on tables around the room. 

It's all in the details...