Palatine Book & Art Show

The Palatine Book & Art Show was composed as a celebration for someone we love.

A dear friend of our family endured a loss that all pray to avoid.  With a strong will and unwavering faith, Armen Bacon, with Nancy Miller, churned something wonderful from a devastating experience.  Through this journey, she has touched the lives of so many and published a novel of "an intimate portrait of love, loss, & unlikely friendship".

Our event on Thursday, October 11, 2012 celebrated Armen's success. As one of the most artful ladies we know, this was the perfect arena to honor her in.  Local fans with dear friends & family of this exemplary woman came throughout the evening and while picking up their very own autographed copy of Griefland, were able to enjoy live music by Tom Scott, new pieces by local artists & shopping in the Palatine Building.

Credits to Armen Bacon & Nancy Miller, Authors of Griefland

Credits to artists: Jason Casey, Jennifer Hubbard, Chance James & Britt Osburn Photography

Credits to sponsors: RSVP Please, Stems at the Palatine, Gianni Fine Jewelers & Slates Restaurant

Photo credits to Palatine Paparazzi