Gianni Fine Jewelers Won Best Jeweler in Fresno CV Lux Awards 2018

CV Lux Gianni win.jpg


Thanks to our incredible community of lovers of luxury, Gianni Fine Jewelers, has won "Best Jeweler" in the 2018 CV Lux Luxury Awards. 

When we found out that Gianni was nominated on this year's ballot, we were elated to say the least. Fresno is full of other great businesses and families, four of which were on the nomination list as well so, we were honored to have been nominated. Never the less, we knew we had some stiff competition in such a big little town in the Central Valley and had to hone the opportunity and get the ball rolling! As the weeks rolled out, we sent the voting link out to our amazing fans, shared it with our in-store visitors, and hoped for the best.


The Luxury Awards dinner was held at Tornino's Banquets in Fresno, CA. The evening was elegant and full of luxe, lots of familiar faces, and hopeful hearts. We enjoyed seeing all of the lovely CV Lux Luxury Award Winners! When the Best Jewelry category was announced, we all held our breath for just a moment...back home, our team and our loving fans and family waited anxiously as well. And then, we yelled for joy at the blissful sound of Liz Harrison from ABC 30 announcing that Gianni Fine Jewelers wins Best Jeweler in Fresno!