It's A Woman's World


International Women's Day

We wanted to take this special day dedicated to all the wonderful women of the world, to thank the ones nearest & dearest to our hearts here at The Palatine. After all, as Cher says's a woman's world.
Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.


Who is an inspirational woman in your life?
Either someone you know personally, a historical icon, or a famous personality...

Umm.. CHER, duh! A woman who has taken her “untraditional” talent and carved it into her own niche, reinventing herself to stay relevant decade after decade. But, really, on a more personal level - my Mom, Sonya, and one of my dearest friends, Mary, are people that inspire me everyday. Through tribulation and triumph, they have risen to the occasion for themselves and their families doing it ALL throughout their lives! Cultivating their own talents into thriving careers, raising their children with poise and style, celebrating life everyday, queens of the kitchen and always there for anyone in need. These two women are true role models that I give the highest praise to, but especially today on International Women’s Day.
— Gina Jelladian
My Mother - She does everything with heart. She loves and helps others unconditionally. She works, mothers, juggles, improvises unlike any other and takes challenges head on. She’s a bad ass chic and shows me, my kids and many other women that we can do it all.❤️
— Stephanie Bedrosian
Princess Diana - Growing up, she exuded femininity, intelligence and grace. She brought a sense of the everyday person to royalty and the upper class. Always dressed to the nines, she was a philanthropist to the core, all while raising two beautiful sons, and becoming the world’s version of “today’s” royal woman.
— Mary Papaleo
My inspirational woman is my Mommy. She passed many years ago, always a progressive leader, when not yet fashionable! I watched her as head buyer & division office manager for 54 large furniture stores - a marriage, a daughter, & additional business endeavors - always loving all around her like a true lady with the utmost integrity! What a you Mommy.
— Sonya Gage