How To Keep Your Towels Soft & Pretty

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There's something so satisfying about bringing home brand new, luxury towels! You get to have fun stocking your space - either stacked in a closet or drawer, hung on a stylish rack, or draped over the tub, there are so many options on how to display your towels. However, the thrill of these beauties tends to fade over time and the disappointment begins to ensue when you notice frayed edges, makeup stains, and muted colors! We have the top 8 tips for towel care to keep them as fresh as the day you bought them!

1. When purchasing towels it's all about the texture if you're looking for quality.

"If a towel is very light, it's not a good towel. The higher the grams of cotton per square meter, the denser the fibers become, making the towel softer and more absorbent. Look for towels made from 100% cotton or Egyptian cotton, which is even higher quality". - Maria Freitas

2. Follow the care instructions! Colored towels can become discolored or faded if not washed as directed.

3. Wash and dry your towels before using them! Some chemical softeners and agents may be left from the manufacturer finishing process that can actually hinder absorbency.

"A quality towel should get more absorbent and soft as you use it; not less". - Maria Freitas, Matouk

4. Don’t leave towels soaking for a long periods of time!

5. Avoid detergents with Clorox or bleach alternatives, as they can discolor most colors.

6. Avoid fabric softeners, as they can make towels less absorbent.

7. Never dry on hot! The cycle should start warm, then finish with cool. This might mean a longer drying process, but it definitely extends the life of your towels.

8. Cut back on detergent! Towels can begin to feel stiff because they start to build up soapy residue.

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Thanksgiving Tablescapes You Need to See

A pretty table draped in rich linens set with china, mixed and mingled with flowers and metallic touches... Today we are sharing inspiration and tips on simple yet memorable designs to create a Thanksgiving table setting to enjoy with family and friends! The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Thanksgiving is food, of course, but we’d like to suggest that your Thanksgiving table decor ought to please the eyes, as well. Here are a few of our favorite color palettes and pieces for the season!

Fleur Inc.

This gorgeous setting shines with autumn splendor by mixing rich chestnut and warm colors against the fresh white dinnerware and delicate greenery. The bronze flatware and candlesticks complement the lush butterscotch and burgundy bloom centerpieces.

HMR Designs

Go bold for a November event or a traditional Thanksgiving feast! The navy linen serves as the perfect base for the bold striking autumn tones. The brass, amber, and copper-tone accessories, add a golden hue to the evening. Burgundy candles and fresh garden centerpieces down the center, elongate the table to create the elusion of a larger space. Simple white dinnerware is all you need for this table setting!

Style Me pretty

If you want to do something different from the brown, yellow and orange color scheme, the classic black and white decor is a fantastic alternative that brings chic to your holiday celebration! Decorate with white pumpkins and black patterns. Incorporate gold or silver into the dinnerware and choose a sleek, refined linen. Fresh flowers, vegetables and fruit will refresh the table décor and add pops of color to the design!

These festive Thanksgiving tablescape exude warmth and comfort!

This rustic style tablescape has a beautifully finished wooden table and soft brown table runner with an eclectic arrangement of gourds, fresh florals and bronze trim lanterns. The bronze flatware, chargers and stunningly detailed glassware bring a touch of elegance to this rustic inspired tablescape! 

Pumpkin candles, sunflowers, and gold rimmed glassware are a nod to Fall. The berry colored jars add a bold pop of color against the simple, textured nude linens. The silver vintage style flatware and custom designed menus add a personal touch to the tablescape! Plus, the cute pumpkin candle favors!

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