7 Ways To Get The Groom Excited About Wedding Planning

Traditionally, wedding planning has always been the bride's territory, but now grooms are becoming increasingly interested in what is being done for their wedding-day. We find that many grooms actually want to be included in the planning process now, and of course when we're talking numbers! But what do you do when you find that your soon-to-be hubby just isn't that interested in wedding planning with you and you really want him to be? We've got 7 things you can try to get your fiancé excited about planning your wedding:

Communication & Collaboration!
Make sure you ask for your groom's input from the very beginning. Show him the things you like and want and ask for his opinion. Ask him questions about the things he wants and likes as well so, he can feel valued and included from the start. 

Support & Encourage Your Man!
Ask your groom open-ended questions and listen to his input. Don't ask him to simply approve something you've already decided for yourself. If he feels like his opinions have weight then he'll continue to be included.

Wedding Registry Date!
We know not every guy wants to go shopping with you for home decor so, ensure him that this won't be another one of those trips. You'll be picking out household items for your future that you both can use and benefit from. Maybe he'll want some input on what types of things he wants for the at-home bar and entertainment items for the living room. He can come across some great stuff for his infamous "man cave" too!

Barware Registry

Relax Your Inner Control Freak!
We're not talking control over everything from start to finish, but offer your guy the chance to be completely in control of a part of the day. If he's a music lover, then have him handle the band, DJ, and song playlist. If he's a foodie, pass the menu planning to him. Many guys actually love being able to make decisions and surprising you after.

A little harmless competition never hurt.
Your guy might not be into the crafty, DIY ideas you have like stuffing a hundred envelopes, addressing the invitations, wrapping gift favors, etc. BUT, if you make it a friendly competition and up the stakes, you might be on to something! See who can prepare the most gift favors or stuff the most envelopes and who ever wins gets to choose that night's meal out or Netflix movie. 

Special Projects & One Less Thing Off Your Plate!
If party planning just isn't his thing, see if he'd be interested in taking over the ceremony (finding an officiant, selecting readings) or organizing travel logistics (your getaway car, buses or shuttles for guests) or taking the reins on the honeymoon (itineraries, hotel arrangements, etc).

Tap into his skills & interests!
Use your hubby's skills for wedding planning! If he's a tech guy, then have him find a wedding planning app or website that you can both use to collaborate. If you husband has a knack for numbers and spreadsheets, let him handle the budget and tracking.