Raising The Bar: The Finest Glassware for Your At-Home Bar

Don’t know where to start when it comes to creating an at-home bar? We know it can be overwhelming, but we’ve got it narrowed down for you. You don’t have to be a pro or a mixologist to have an awesome and not to mention, stylish bar. With these items, you’re set to impress! You’ll be shakin’ in no time with these simple pieces that will make entertaining a breeze. 


Glassware is a must for any at-home bar. They can be used for almost any cocktail, mixed drink, or fine liquor. These glasses are also popular for juices and darker liquors, like brandy and whiskey.



Versailles: With a shell motif that's straight out of the palace, Versailles water goblets put French grandeur at your fingertips. 

Eiffel Tower: Made by the oldest glass factory in Europe, the Eiffel Tower tumbler features exceptionally clear and heavy glass produced in turn-of-the-century molds with traditional seams, and the beautiful Parisian icon, the Eiffel Tower.


Wine Glasses

Formal glassware brings style and sophistication to any special occasion and are an absolute must for wine and champagne lovers. Be ready to turn heads and get tons of compliments on these items!

This fine crystal glassware is from Renaissance by Varga. It is mouth-blown full lead crystal, hand crafted by master artisans.

Continuing the ancient glass making tradition, each glass is crafted by hand, making each piece unique.

This glassware draws on the distinctive look of Parisian cafes and countless private country homes. Perfect for entertaining, the wine glass is sturdier than most stemware and provides a hint of uptown tone to your gatherings. These wine tasting glasses are perfect for festive gatherings and everyday use.


Champagne Glasses


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