Thanksgiving Tablescapes You Need to See

A pretty table draped in rich linens set with china, mixed and mingled with flowers and metallic touches... Today we are sharing inspiration and tips on simple yet memorable designs to create a Thanksgiving table setting to enjoy with family and friends! The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Thanksgiving is food, of course, but we’d like to suggest that your Thanksgiving table decor ought to please the eyes, as well. Here are a few of our favorite color palettes and pieces for the season!

Fleur Inc.

This gorgeous setting shines with autumn splendor by mixing rich chestnut and warm colors against the fresh white dinnerware and delicate greenery. The bronze flatware and candlesticks complement the lush butterscotch and burgundy bloom centerpieces.

HMR Designs

Go bold for a November event or a traditional Thanksgiving feast! The navy linen serves as the perfect base for the bold striking autumn tones. The brass, amber, and copper-tone accessories, add a golden hue to the evening. Burgundy candles and fresh garden centerpieces down the center, elongate the table to create the elusion of a larger space. Simple white dinnerware is all you need for this table setting!

Style Me pretty

If you want to do something different from the brown, yellow and orange color scheme, the classic black and white decor is a fantastic alternative that brings chic to your holiday celebration! Decorate with white pumpkins and black patterns. Incorporate gold or silver into the dinnerware and choose a sleek, refined linen. Fresh flowers, vegetables and fruit will refresh the table décor and add pops of color to the design!

These festive Thanksgiving tablescape exude warmth and comfort!

This rustic style tablescape has a beautifully finished wooden table and soft brown table runner with an eclectic arrangement of gourds, fresh florals and bronze trim lanterns. The bronze flatware, chargers and stunningly detailed glassware bring a touch of elegance to this rustic inspired tablescape! 

Pumpkin candles, sunflowers, and gold rimmed glassware are a nod to Fall. The berry colored jars add a bold pop of color against the simple, textured nude linens. The silver vintage style flatware and custom designed menus add a personal touch to the tablescape! Plus, the cute pumpkin candle favors!

Planning an event? 

All About Table Settings

How to Properly Set A Table

It is reasonable not to know where to start when it comes to properly setting a table. The first thing to ask yourself is will you be having an informal relaxed brunch or a fabulous multi-course dinner? No matter what the occasion, the table setting and placement always depends on your menu. Some utensils are optional depending on what you plan to serve. No soup? A soup spoon won’t be needed. No bread and butter? Skip the bread plate and butter knife. If your still not confident, let us at The Palatine be your guide!

Remember the scene in the iconic movie, Titanic, where Jack experienced a first-class dinner for "saving" Rose's life? A rule of thumb we all learned is to work from the outside inward. The outer utensils should match your first course and each utensil after that should match the order in which courses will be served. Let this diagram be your guide and plan accordingly to meet the needs of your menu.

Informal/Casual Table Setting

This setting includes a plate and napkin, two forks to the left, a knife and spoon to the right, and lastly a wine and water glass in the upper right-hand corner.
Tip #1: Include ONLY what you need. Remember that this is just a guide and some pieces are optional.
Tip #2: The blade of the knife always faces toward the plate

Formal Table Setting

Start with the basic informal setting above and add utensils for a more formal meal with more courses and refreshments. The base of this setting is a service plate which is also known as a charger. Place the service plate under the dinner and salad plates. The bread plate and butter knife should be to the upper left corner. The dessert utensils should be above the service plate.
Tip #3: Napkins can be placed on top of the plate, to the side, or under the forks. Some napkin folds might include the utensils which can add a special touch of style to your setting.
Tip #4: For any setting, think of the word “FORKS”. F is for the forks to the left, O is for the plates because of the shape, K and S is for the knife and spoon to the right.

Be able to set a table so that you feel like you’re dining, not just sitting & eating
— MARILYN VOS SAVANT (Growing Up: A Classic American Childhood, p. 45)